Eastron 3Ph meter SDM630

Manufacturer: Solax
Item no.:40018

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The Eastron 3Ph Meter SDM630 is a three-phase energy meter designed to measure energy consumption in three-phase residential, commercial or industrial applications. With this digital energy meter, you can monitor energy consumption in real time and capture important measurements such as voltage, current, power factor, frequency, active and reactive power, and energy consumption.

The Eastron 3Ph Meter SDM630 has a clear LCD display that gives you a clear view of the measured values. It also supports bi-directional metering, which means it can measure both purchased and injected power, which is especially useful if you are running a grid-feeding PV system or feeding energy back into the grid.

The Eastron 3Ph Meter SDM630 provides high accuracy in energy consumption measurement and meets the requirements of precision and reliability according to the current norms and standards.

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